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Double Lua Lists... What does it mean?

On 11/21/11 8:28 AM, Stefan Reich wrote:
Hello all Luaistas.

I think we should have a new Lua-related talking place (slightly
generalizing the term 'mailing list' here) with these fundamental

- a positive spirit
- real collaboration
- real positive group-building
- people encouraging each other
- absolutely free expression of personal emotion, no matter what kind of
emotion it is.

That new place will enable us to overcome the state of semi-paralysis
and severe (it really is severe) lack of collaboration that continues to
plague lua-l.

I am making this proposal instead of continuing to attack those who
cause the paralysis (which I could also do) because I believe this to be
a more constructive approach.

I have concrete ideas on how to make that place and will post them in
due time.