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2011/11/21 Stefan Reich <>:
> Hello all Luaistas.
> I think we should have a new Lua-related talking place (slightly
> generalizing the term 'mailing list' here) with these fundamental
> properties:
> - a positive spirit
> - real collaboration
> - real positive group-building
> - people encouraging each other
> - absolutely free expression of personal emotion, no matter what kind of
> emotion it is.
> That new place will enable us to overcome the state of semi-paralysis and
> severe (it really is severe) lack of collaboration that continues to plague
> lua-l.

Allow me to share my own experience.

Back in the days of Lua 5.2 alpha, when some of us still thought we could
influence what was going to happen, there was a lot of discussion on
tables with holes, to the point where Roberto asked us to stop.  Six or
seven people formed a separate list devoted only to comments on and
code patches of the table library.  We never quite reached consensus
even in such a small group, and eventually contributions just dried up.
But it was great fun while it lasted, and we did not annoy others who
may have heard all those arguments before.

If you want to form such a list, devoted to a particular topic that seems
not be too popular outside a small group of enthusiasts, I'm all for it.
If the topic interests me enough, I'll even join.

But the aims you give are too general .  They are about attitude, not
content.  They are in fact quite descriptive of lua-l, except the last one.
- The freedom to become angry or rude is not considered acceptable
- The freedom to talk nonsense is allowed, as long as one accepts
the complementary freedom to say that something is nonsense.
- The freedom to boast is allowed, as long as one accepts that
somebody will probably try to prick one's balloon.