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On 14/11/2011 19:11, Benjamin Cabé wrote:
The Eclipse Koneki development team is pleased to announce the
availability of its Lua Development Tools, that can be installed via the
Koneki update site (see explanations at the bottom of this message).
Not only Lua Development Tools is providing you with the features you
would expect from any IDE (syntax highlighting, code folding, ...), but a
really nice addition is that we include a real Lua debugger, well
integrated in the IDE (thanks to Eclipse DLTK, actually).
We are relying on Metalua for source code analysis ; and thanks to JNLua,
the tooling is cross-platform! :-)
To give Lua Development Tools a try, it is super easy: just add the Koneki
update site [1] to your Eclipse 3.6+ installation (Help>  Install New
Software...), and install "Lua Development Tools (Incubator)".

Please visit
<>  to learn more about the project, watch a
quick screencast, access the documentation regarding the debugger, etc.
Bugs or feature requests should be filed in our Bugzilla [2].

This looks very interesting, I should try it.

A remark, about this announcement, and the page you link to: with a glance, it is hard to tell if the product is commercial, open source (with which license?) or other... There are hints: the fact the project seems to be an official Eclipse one, the access to the source code... So I can suppose it is open source, likely to be under the EPL license.

But since there are commercial IDEs for Lua, and commercial plug-ins for Eclipse, I think it is better to be explicit about this.

Just a kind advice. Looks great, and the page is very professional. :-)

It is a bit funny to use a behemoth like Eclipse to work on a lightweight language like Lua, but some people (lot of Java programmers, some C/C++ ones, etc.) already have the IDE, so it is not a real problem...

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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