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2011/11/16 Krunal Rao <>:
> On 14 November 2011 18:11, Benjamin Cabé <> wrote:
>>  Available features:
>> * Syntax coloring
>> * ...
>> * *Debugger*
>> Features to be implemented soon:
>> * LuaDoc support
>> * Custom interpreter definition
> Hi, thanks for sharing this work!
> Quick question, does this mean that at the moment it is not possible
> to use LuaJIT for debugging and error marking scripts which use
> features available in LuaJIT ?
> Cheers

I'm the main author of the LDT's debugger. I just ran debugger test
suite (not yet in the git repo) against LuaJIT beta 8 (never tried
before) and most tests fail. So, no at this time LuaJIT is not

For what I've seen, there is problems with breakpoint control and with
LuaSocket which uses deprecated features (notably arg for vararg
functions in ltn12) which are not available in LuaJIT. I'm not well
aware of debugging in LuaJIT, it there any difference of behavior
between Lua and LuaJIT APIs ?

On Eclipse side, the only debug launch configuration available at this
time is the remote debug: you have full control on how the script is
started (standalone Lua, embedded script, LuaJIT, ...) as long as it
connects to IDE, it works. So support of LuaJIT (or any other
interpreter) is not a problem on this side.