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On 10/11/2011 17:01, Alex wrote:
I beg to disagree. Of course, breaking the scripts is a nuisance and a
pain, but it allows the developers much more freedom, which results in
better development of the language.
I believe that Lua wouldn't be what it is now if it had always cared
for compatibility with previous versions.
After all, the major changes in Lua do not come so frequently. So, I
think it is worth paying this price (the nuisance) to have a language
that keeps pace with modern requirements.

Usual answer: if your scripts work well with Lua 5.1, just run them with Lua 5.1...
You can use Lua 5.2 for new scripts. If you really want some new features of 5.2 in current scripts, I suppose you have to bite the bullet. Probably not much to change, anyway. There can be a compatibility layer / script (there was, in the past) too.

It always have been the contract with Lua: the language moves on, in small or big jumps, but doesn't look back... :-)

We don't want the equivalent of Java, full of deprecated methods or classes, with obsolete designs, because no old jar must break (but even with minor releases, we can have incompatible changes, I saw some Swing design to break because of a bug fix in the library...).

Philippe Lhoste
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