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> I would like to put this very clearly: I am very much against the
> prospect of Lua 5.2 breaking ANY script written for 5.1.
> It's just a pain and it changes the impression of Lua being something
> that "just works" to something that "breaks when you upgrade it".
> Python has not been the same since the 2/3 rift was introduced. I
> really really really want Lua to avoid this. 5.1 has a huge basis
> which is very important to keep sane and working IMO.

You seem to misunderstand the dynamics of Lua. You never just upgrade Lua,
you consider if the new Lua is good for your needs and then adapt to it.
Lua is not like Firefox...

You can keep whatever version of Lua is suitable for your needs *forever*.
Just freeze the source code into your project.
Many people have done just that...