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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 4:55 PM, Stefan Reich
<> wrote:
> I would like to put this very clearly: I am very much against the
> prospect of Lua 5.2 breaking ANY script written for 5.1.
> It's just a pain and it changes the impression of Lua being something
> that "just works" to something that "breaks when you upgrade it".
> Python did this with Python3 and I am still hating that. "print is now
> a function"? Oh please. Let's just break the most widely-used language
> construct for no reason.
> Python has not been the same since the 2/3 rift was introduced. I
> really really really want Lua to avoid this. 5.1 has a huge basis
> which is very important to keep sane and working IMO.
> Stefan

I beg to disagree. Of course, breaking the scripts is a nuisance and a
pain, but it allows the developers much more freedom, which results in
better development of the language.
I believe that Lua wouldn't be what it is now if it had always cared
for compatibility with previous versions.
After all, the major changes in Lua do not come so frequently. So, I
think it is worth paying this price (the nuisance) to have a language
that keeps pace with modern requirements.