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Stefan Reich wrote:
> Let me ask you this: How many of the apps you're running right now are mobile?

I used to use some software on Linux called OpenMosix. It allowed
processes to migrate, invisibly, from machine to machine across the
network. All I/O was RPC'd invisibly back to the machine that started
it. It used load balancing weighted by I/O to determine the most
effective machine to run your processes on, and could move them on the
fly --- if someone told their workstation to shut down, and the
workstation was hosting remote OpenMosix jobs, those jobs would migrate
elsewhere before the power failed. And it did all this with totally
standard, unmodified, Linux processes.

It worked very nicely, but required some pretty major internal changes
(it only really worked on 2.4 kernels), and it faded and died in 2007.
Although I see that the LinuxPMI project has taken up the old codebase:

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