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2011/10/27 Michael Gogins <>:
> Excellent summary of why not to use autotools. I maintain/have
> maintained several large and small cross-platform projects over the
> years. Hate autotools with a passion. Use SCons and CMake. Prefer
> SCons, but would be happy enough with CMake.

Me too, I hate autotools and I confirm that they are a big source of
trouble on windows.

My experience is that a good Makefile in an excellent solution and GNU
make is available on all the platforms I know. Since GNU make is
portable your makefile is also a portable solution across different

If you know how to write a good makefile you have already a very good
solution into your hand :-)
but be aware that there are a lot of *bad* makefile in many projects.
IMHO the makefile of LuaJIT2 is an excellent example of good usage of
GNU make. For the other side the Makefile of Lua itself is a good
example of how a makefile should *not* be done.

I recommend to *study* the Makefile of LuaJIT2 because it is very well
done from the technical point of view and many good practices are
illustrated there.