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Excellent summary of why not to use autotools. I maintain/have
maintained several large and small cross-platform projects over the
years. Hate autotools with a passion. Use SCons and CMake. Prefer
SCons, but would be happy enough with CMake.

Mike Gogins

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 9:05 AM, Peter Drahoš <> wrote:
> On Oct 27, 2011, at 14:40 , Christian Liesch wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is there any reason why lua do not use a configure script generated by autoconf/automake?
> Yes, there are many
> - Only works on GNU/Unix/Linux systems (pain in the *** on Windows)
> - Slow, VERY slow
> - Depends on shell and support tools
> - Weak compatibility between versions
> - Hard to read, write and learn
> - Generally developer unfriendly
> - Generated makefiles are big pile of mess
> - Considered obsolete (most bigger projects switching to CMake, Scons ...)
> ...
>> For example to use the solaris compiler I do have to patch the Makefile in the src directory, with a correct configuration script this would not be neccessary :)
> You are better off maintaining a makefile patch. Its much simpler than maintaining autoconf/automake. I could add solaris to the list of supported systems in LuaDist which builds with CMake
> pd

Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com