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Miles Bader <> writes:
>>> The annoying problem though, is that LuaJIT+FFI, however great (and it
>>> is great!), isn't really a portable solution.  Maybe some people don't
>>> care, but I do.  I want to gain the benefits when possible, but still
>>> have the _ability_ to run with normal Lua (which is portable).
>> Someone recently ported FFI to regular Lua IIRC [1]. This may be acceptable?
>> [1]
> If so, that's totally great -- less glue code needed!
> However I assume that FFI-in-normal-Lua doesn't have any of the speed
> advantage of FFI-in-LuaJIT, so for speed-critical functionality,
> things like bulk-interfaces are probably still necessary.

Ah, another issue I realized after looking at it:  that package
("luaffi") isn't portable either... :]

I wonder if it's possible to do this portably (using info and functions
generated by a C compiler)?


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