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I have a rather large Lua project that works fine with Lua 5.1. I ran some tests and thought I'd like it a bit faster. I switched to LuaJIT 2 beta8. I ran the speed tests afterwards and found no difference in performance. I'm wondering if I've implemented LuaJIT incorrectly.

I built the luajit.exe according to the instructions on the website. I replaced the Lua lib with the LuaJIT lib in the Additional Dependencies (Linker/Input). I added the path of to the new lib in the Additional Library Directories (Linker/General). I rebuilt my solution and ran it, gotan error sying I was missing the lua51.dll file. I hooked that up and stopped that error. I didn't change any includes, is this needed? I'm not sure what the luajit.exe is meant to be doing but it's in the same folder as the lib.

The program runs just as it did before I changed to LuaJIT. There are no crashes or errors. Why isn't the program a little faster (according to two profiling programs I've used)? I assume I've made a mistake somewhere and I'm not getting the LuaJIT juice. Is there any way to confirm that I actually am using LuaJIT but it simply hasn't made any noticeable improvement in execution?