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2011/10/18 Patrick Mc(avery <>:
> For the record I am not angry. While I am irritated with one frequent
> posters demeaning emails to everyone, on the whole I am just a bit sad and
> worried. These endless discussions about module have touched on a nerve for
> me. I see module as a final deployment tool. I don't think it's a suitable
> mechanism for dividing code for a single programmers convenience. I would
> also say that I will not leave the list pouting if my suggestion is not
> taken up on, there are many factors I am surely ignorant of.
> Having said this, I would like to offer another analogy. Month after month,
> with no end in sight there are discussions about module. Now imagine if you
> will, that Lua is a beautiful car and month after month everyone is
> discussing changing the rims, the tinting and the radio. I don't know if a
> Kenwood radio is better then a Samsung but after months of silence, I just
> can't stop myself from asking while I can't roll up the windows.
> It should be easier for a single developer to split code between files.

These complaints are a sign of "healthiness" I believe - it means that
a lot of people are getting involved. And people have different
opinions and experiences. For instance, I have totally different
problems with Lua but I never had problems with modules (as a end user
in this case). And I don't even read these complains because it's no
itch for me... Then again, I am only using modules which have existed
for like 3-5 years by now (copas, lfs, socket, gd etc)

So to adapt your analogy, it's more like you're living in some town
and you got this new car. And because it's hot and cool, everyone else
(=your neighbors) is interested to get one as well. But then, people
start complaining about all kind of details and what should be
different according to their opinion. And some people start
complaining about these complaints and others agree on this or that
but not on twit and twat and it's an endless discussion going on.

I'd say for the long time Lua mailing list readers, the grow of
message throughput is somewhat unfamiliar... does anyone have numbers
on mailing list mails per week or so?