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On Oct 19, 2011, at 12:04 AM, Patrick Mc(avery wrote:

> BTW I am not necessary against require/module for use at the end of a project. if I wrote 3 or 4K lines of code, then 3 more lines to export it for others to use is nothing to be concerned about.

Perhaps this is where the misunderstanding lies... the benefit of require/module are immediate and are mainly for your very own advantage... not once you produced 4K lines of... what? How do you organize your code? Do you organize your code in some fashion? 

As you haven't provided any hint of what you are doing specifically, it's difficult to gauge if you are taking a sensitive approach or just going against the grain... perhaps it's not a language issue (Lua vs. Python vs. Perl vs. WhatNot), but a communication one (design)...

There is a technical term for 4K lines of free form code: Big Ball of Mud [1]