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I'll probably take a break for a couple of weeks from the list until the latest "module storm" passes but I want to make one more point.

Panda bears will die. At least in the wild, they WILL go extinct, sooner then later due to human activities but even without human activity their finished. Why? because they are bad business people. Just because they look like what people want animals to look like(cuddly) does not mean they have a plan for survival. Panda bears are carnivores or at least they were before they got into the plant eating business. Now they eat nothing but bamboo a food their intestines can barely digest.

Sloths are much maligned but they out weigh primates 10:1 in biomass. Why? because they are good business people. Their intestinal tracks are not only adapted for plants but they adapt through their lives to specialize on particular plants. Sloths can co-exist in the same area as each adapts to food different then it's sloth neighbours.

Lua started off as a small simple language to help oil workers. I am assuming these people don't know anything about closure or curries or anonymous functions and whatnot but they do know geology. If this language is being pushed solely by, and for academic types, working people like me, who use it as a tool to actually get a physical task done, will become more and more alienated.

As computers get faster and faster and memory becomes almost irrelevant, management might just say, "screw it, embed Python, the geologists can't understand Lua"