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You seem to be taking your personal experiences with Lua and applying
them as a broad generalization of 'non-programmers'. Finding out how
people learn and the easiest way for a demographic to do something is
a very difficult problem, even for an accomplished social scientist.
I'm not sure that anyone's limited anecdotes are a sufficient reason
for the Lua programming language to change.

90% of the time when someone makes a suggestion like this, one of the
first 10 posts includes a snippet of code that does exactly what the
person wants. 87% of the time (statistics are made up) the person
doesn't want another snippet of code to do that, doesn't want
preprocessing, doesn't want a macro filter, they just want it to be in
the Lua programming language.

Yes, Lua start off as a data description language. Lua continues to be
one of the simplest and more concise languages that I know of that is
still powerful and descriptive. Not adopting your suggestion doesn't
change that.

And yes, I agree, everyone seems to need to calm down.

- Jim

Hi Jim

I am glad you responded to my post. In the discussions about the last workshop you had mentioned that your health was not good. I hope this has changed. I also think that you are the perfect person to comment on the direction Lua is headed in. It's my understanding that you are involved with World of War Craft and as a result, involved with coders and end users. In the two years I have been on this list I have not seen a single world of war craft user post a question but I imagine there are thousands of them, likely posting questions in game forums and such. The one to two thousand list members here are likely the people writing the static code for these games and other programs and add Lua in to give their user's hooks.

I think that the Lua team is only hearing from one side of the equation do you think this is possible?


For the record I am not angry. While I am irritated with one frequent posters demeaning emails to everyone, on the whole I am just a bit sad and worried. These endless discussions about module have touched on a nerve for me. I see module as a final deployment tool. I don't think it's a suitable mechanism for dividing code for a single programmers convenience. I would also say that I will not leave the list pouting if my suggestion is not taken up on, there are many factors I am surely ignorant of.

Having said this, I would like to offer another analogy. Month after month, with no end in sight there are discussions about module. Now imagine if you will, that Lua is a beautiful car and month after month everyone is discussing changing the rims, the tinting and the radio. I don't know if a Kenwood radio is better then a Samsung but after months of silence, I just can't stop myself from asking while I can't roll up the windows.

It should be easier for a single developer to split code between files.