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> > Quoting from The Evolution of Lua [1]:
> >
> > "Despite our “mechanisms, not policy” rule — which we have found valuable in guiding the evolution of Lua — we should have provided a precise set of policies for modules and packages earlier. The lack of a common policy for building modules and installing packages prevents different groups from sharing code and discourages the development of a community code base. Lua 5.1 provides a set of policies for modules and packages that we hope will remedy this situation."
> >
> > Now, of course, people are entitled to change their mind.
> >
> > But this is a big step backward.
> >
> > [1]
> >
> Maybe not.  Maybe the removal of a module standard at the Lua library
> level will make us agree on LuaRocks as the community code base
> sooner.

Just to make things clear: The policies put in place at 5.1 are still
there for 5.2; that part did not change (except for the recomendation
to not declare the module name as a global). The 'module' function was
just one (among others) way to follow that policy. Even in Lua 5.1 many
(most?) modules follow that policy without using the 'module' function.

And LuaRocks mingles well with that policies.

-- Roberto