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On Oct 16, 2011, at 9:35 PM, Dirk Laurie wrote:

> Only by `require`.  Not ignored by `dofile`.

Sure. Feel free to roll your own. As I said, whatever floats your boat. Even though such ad-hoc approach is going to make it a bit more cumbersome to integrate your code with third parties or vis-versa. 

This thread is in the context of module/require though :)

Another recurrent thread in this list is the lack of Lua libraries/modules... well... yes... no kidding... we cannot even agree how to define a module in the first place... duh.

Quoting from The Evolution of Lua [1]:

"Despite our “mechanisms, not policy” rule — which we have found valuable in guiding the evolution of Lua — we should have provided a precise set of policies for modules and packages earlier. The lack of a common policy for building modules and installing packages prevents different groups from sharing code and discourages the development of a community code base. Lua 5.1 provides a set of policies for modules and packages that we hope will remedy this situation."

Now, of course, people are entitled to change their mind.

But this is a big step backward.