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Tony Finch wrote:
> Also pretty normal. IMAP has a very strict mailbox model which mostly
> means you get no benefit from cross-mailbox indexes, though there are
> extensions for things like multi-mailbox full text search which do need
> them.

It's got nothing to do with Lua, but aeons ago I wrote (and used for a
while) an MUA in Python that stored all its data in a MySQL database.
You can tell that I hadn't heard of SQLite at that point.

The schema's here:

I stored the headers and the bodies in two tables and then did brute
force searches as desired --- I didn't know about database normalisation
at that point, but performance was more than adequate. I ended up with
loads of virtual folders (defined as custom SQL queries that operated on
the headers table) and it all ran very smoothly.

One day I must reexamine this idea; it worked very well. But this time
in Lua.

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