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Yeah - I also think the time might be there for a dedicated list.

Here's the link to the new Lua OS mailing list:

Please subscribe if you wish to be notified of announcements - or take
part in the project's shaping process.

What I can say is this: A lot will be happening.

I intend to make Lua OS not only an OS for Lua with futuristic
capabilities (orthogonal persistence etc) - but also a first-class
Linux distribution; one that is easy to configure & set up and just
does what it should.

Yeah, it's a fairly big aim. But there is a lot of flow and the
product seems to ripen really quickly, all by itself.

I am now using Lua OS (on HD) as my primary OS: for browsing,
developing Lua OS - and for all other purposes. It's a Linux, so it
will run just about anything.

All the Lua OS discussion will probably shift to the Lua OS list after
some transition period. I'd like it to be quick, but, you know, it
only makes sense to switch as people move there. A chicken&egg problem
that we hopefully will overcome real soon.

Oh, and finally: Here's a little video demoing the OS:


On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 2:59 PM, Peter Loveday <> wrote:
> Whilst you're on the search for an ISO hoster, perhaps you may consider a
> dedicated mailing list for LuaOS.