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> Ah, but that's the point: 'product' is not the right word here.

I disagree, 'product' is a good word for FreeSoftware* 'Products'. One
doesn't have to understand it too commercially due to the commercial
world we live in. I refer constantly to my FreeSoftware Project
'Lsyncd' as 'product', albeit I didn't get yet a cent for it (except I
originally wrote it to do my job I'm paid for). In the software world
I see 'a product' in contrast to 'a hack'. The second one is some code
trimmed down to exactly your use case on your system, configuration
likely directly in the source code and likely no documentation. A
FreeSoftware product comes with a configure script / or configurable
makefile, documentation and runs on a varity of systems, configuration
and a span of different use cases.

On the topic on hand, I just consider it insolent to ask Mark to do it
all. As I said, being Free Project noting stops you to step forward an
do it. Then maybe ask Mark to link or maybe host the files.

*Having listened to a Stallman talk I also now refer rather to
FreeSoftware than to OpenSource since the major feature is that it
does not take your freedom from you and gives somebody the power to
dicatate over you, cause you cannot help it without source and proper