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On 26/08/2011 10.49, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 25/08/2011 19:00, Tim Mensch wrote:
I could
explain in great detail what's wrong with Java as a language, even more
so now that I actually have to USE it. But I will refrain, because this
is a *Lua* list.

I haven't investigated LuaOS, so it is an uninformed answer, but from
what I see in the announcement, if you use it, you don't deal with Java
the language, but Java the platform, ie. the JVM and its library.

I have nothing against Java (well, I find it bearable, in my daily
work), but I find myself more attracted to Scala, a more well thought
language, that can remain simple, and which is strongly typed, which can
be seen as an advantage in large projects.
I still love dynamically typed Lua, it is just another face of the coin
of programming (the gorilla and the butterfly).

Wonderful metaphor Philippe!

To keep up with the poetry, I'd like to live and see a true butterfly-loving gorilla which lives in a garden full of butterflies not fearing gorillas! :-)