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On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 12:11 AM, Elias Barrionovo
<> wrote:
> I was thinking the same thing. I'd understand the GUI dependency for
> demonstration purposes in LuaOS' beginnings, but sooner or later
> (rather sooner than later, I guess) it should change to something more
> Lua and more open than Java.

Yeah, because Tk is so much more Lua than Java. (What?)

> There are Lua bindings for Qt and gtk, that perhaps would be more
> interesting. I wouldn't know, though, how would these depend on such
> things like X11 (i'm a total noob on those matters).

So you're a total noob, you don't even know what depends on what, you
haven't tried anything, you haven't contributed anything, but you
totally think that I should somehow choose another toolkit because...
uh.... because what, again?

This list is getting ridiculous. What's with the stupid Java hating?
Are you really not below that?

Why again is Qt fantastic and Java is a total problem for you? Can you
not just look past this thing and see the potential in what we're
doing here?


I chose Java for GUI because I know Java. If you want something else,
whatever. But it's not even the point.


And all you guys do is complain about the way I make my GUI? Is your
hatred of Java so important that you cling to that instead of seeing
the opportunities in the project?

God damn it.

Be positive people and stop that insane negativity!!!! Stop trying to
destroy. It doesn't work. Makes no sense. Let live. Create. Join in.
Uplift. Support. Exchange. Praise.

I'm so done with it. I won't take your negativity anymore.