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2011/8/26 Tim Mensch <>:
> On 8/25/2011 12:46 AM, Miles Bader wrote:
>> This is true.  Unfortunately wayyyy too much of the programming world
>> revolves around this sort of mindless tribalism and fashion contests.
>> I think Java's a very decent language, tho it's not my favorite, and
>> it does seem to have pretty good "standard" support for GUI programs.
> I may have been glib, but my dislike of Java is NOT mindless.

No doubt, and of course there a fair amount of well-reasoned dislike
of various languages out there too.

But a huge proportion of the "xxx sucks" comments you see out there
are pretty clearly based on little more than tribalism and fashion.
People like what they know, and like to feel part of a group (and part
of such group identification tends to be denigrating other groups),
and this is true in the programming world just as it is in sports....

So a comment like "It's actually quite fashionable to hate Java in
large swaths of the programming world" is not very meaningful in a
debate about languages -- it _is_ indeed fashionable, but fashion is
just that...

I don't doubt that you have an informed basis for your position, but I
do think this in particular is very poor support for it.


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