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On Sunday, August 14, 2011, Marc Balmer wrote:
> Am 14.08.11 14:05, schrieb Lars Doelle:
> >> Marc Balmer <>  (micro systems)
> > If a company wants only free parts, i don't care. They can hardly be considered
> > professional entities IMO if they try to do business only on one side, though I
> > hear such funny customer's dreams on a daily basis.
> You should maybe check the facts first, especially in my own case.  I
> have probably contributed more opensource code than you have every
> written ;)

May be, as I released only a 6 digit numer of LOC, but not too unlikely,
you might use my work on daily basis, too.

To make things a bit more concrete, i consider a follow-up of a not so
well-known project, i had the pleasure
to do with colleque 18 years ago and hope to help Lua to become more
usable for DSLs. Reason for picking Lua is that it is the best breed of
machine i ever came across. Others are hacked to death or are otherwise
to fat for the ballet. Lua to the contrary well-defined and well-done enough
to base serious work on it.

> Yes, we take source code for our commercial products, and yes, they are
> proprietary products, but no, that does not mean we don't give anything
> back, much to the contrary.

Thanks for your contributions, Marc.

As for my question, i thank all for the probe of general opinion and mood of
the group. My impression that licensing is a risky issue appears to be confirmed,
though confirming, that everyone is very differenciated and aware.

Davids comment suggested at least that it is not completely hopeless ;)

> GPL does not seem like an absolute showstopper