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On 29/06/2011 18.54, Wesley Smith wrote:
Sounds like there are a range of options for what you need.  If you
can make do with the Lua metamethods and a little string substitution,
I would definitely stick with a pure Lua implementation.  However, if
you need to define a syntax that can't be handled by existing Lua
mechanisms, you can write a simple grammar and interpret the AST

Well, I'd love to have those skills, but as I said before: I'm CS-impaired :-)

That was the whole point of starting this thread in the first place!

I know enough about grammars and EBNF to be able to read and (mostly) understand a grammar (I even managed to use XML specification as a tool to learn and write XML some years ago ;-)

But I'm far from being able to design a grammar based on which operator should have which precedence, which associativity, etc. etc.!

> I have had to do this for a couple of projects, which is
why I wrote the codepeg[1] module.  It can automatically generate a
parser from a grammar specification.

Interesting, nevertheless. Thanks.



-- Lorenzo