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Hi Steve!

On 29/06/2011 17.24, steve donovan wrote:
On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 5:13 PM, Lorenzo Donati
<>  wrote:
As an end user of a programming language like Lua, in which I often write
simple DSLs, I'd like to be able to define such a parser by only defining
the operators and their characteristics, not to write down a grammar.

It does sound like an interesting problem, but why not use Lua itself?

That's a non-rhetorical question, that is,

-what features do you need that could not be done in Lua?

Arbitrary custom operators.

-are they essential to the DSL?

Well, not that often, I admit. As I said, the post had also a "philosophical" twist :-)

Still, sometimes doing without custom operators is a pain. Especially when mapping concepts from math.

For example, consider math vectors:

W = V1 :x: V2 + V3
W = V1:cross_product(V2) + V3   -- less readable

a = (V1 [.] V2) / |V1 [.] V2|
a = V1:dot_product(V2) / V1:dot_product(V2):abs()  -- less readable

(I won't start gong on about lexical preprocessing since I probably won't stop)

I wonder if LuaMacro could be of any help here - I only skimmed over the readme, but I did not dare "put more meat on the grill" (as we say in Italy) ;-)

steve d.

-- Lorenzo