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On 29/06/2011 8.41, Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Lorenzo Donati once stated:

Sorry for expressing my thought so badly, but mine was a sort of
half-baked "philosophical" rambling on Lua design about userdata :-)

So any enlightment is welcome (I only played shortly with C API and
although I know C, I cannot really call myself a C programmer, thus it
may well be that I missed completely the point of userdata and why their
usefulness is limited to C side!)

   It's used to add support for other data types.  I have code that
implements network addresses as a "userdata" for Lua [1].  I can do things


   -spc (Think of it as a way of mapping a C structure into Lua)


Thanks for the explanation!

So why it is not deemed useful to have the possibility to define custom data types in this way directly in Lua (not using C API, I mean)?

-- Lorenzo