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> > > 
> > > Could the next version have support for Unicode escape sequences?
> > > (like "A smiley: \u263a, an en-dash: \u2013, an ellipsis: \u2026")
> > 
> > Why not simply enter them as UTF-8 using your particular system's
> > support for such characters?  
> > 
> > "A smiley: ☺, an en-dash: –, an ellipsis: …"
> > 
> > To enter these, I did not need to know the four-hexdigit codes:
> > my system has an easier method.
> Not everyone has an editor which a) supports unicode and b) allows
> one to insert every possible codepoint, for example non-printable
> codes like \u200b - zero-width-space.  And even if you can insert
> them - you won't see them.  I would even say, that on most systems,
> the majority of unicodes printable characters just produce a square.
"Not everyone has …" is not a reason for everyone's Lua to be bloated
with a feature few people need.  The suggestion made in another post,
to provide a module that has a function (actually, why not name the
function `_u`?) such that 

_u[["A smiley: \u263a, an en-dash: \u2013, an ellipsis: \u2026"]]


"A smiley: ☺, an en-dash: –, an ellipsis: …"

seems to make a lot more sense.