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> Gavin Wraith wrote:
> > Some kind of hand-holding documentation to explain step by step what 
> > must be done to compile LuaJIT would be very welcome. 

>   For a minimal target OS, you may need to disable the built-in
>   allocator in src/Makefile and use TARGET_SYS=Other.
> That should be all you need to do. Maybe BUILDMODE=static, too.
> Having GNU Make on the cross-compile host is mandatory, though.

I was hoping to compile it on the RISC OS machine. I have GNU Make
3.81 on that, though I do not use it or GCC for compiling straight Lua.
I use a thing called the Norcroft C compiler. This has the advantage
of providing a shared C library. No dynamic linking in RISC OS yet.
Sorry to bother you with this rather peripheral matter. I will make
an effort to get my head round what the Makefile is actually saying
and see if I can replicate the appropriate actions with the limited tools
I have. 


Gavin Wraith (
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