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In message <> you wrote:

> This should get you started:

Thanks, I have that already. But RISC OS is the OS in question for me. 
RISC OS has been ported to the BeagleBoard and other ports are in 
the pipeline.
I use an XScale machine (ARMv5) for everyday and it is not clear to me yet
whether LuaJIT can be made to run on it. 
> I was able to compile and run LuaJIT on Genesi's SmartBook/SmartTop, 
> and other people from here were too.
> I was able to compile it for iPhone/iPad too (armv6, there is some 
> compile problem with armv7 and latest iPhone 5.00 SDK). But I did not 
> have time to play much with it.

That is encouraging news.

> > Some kind of hand-holding documentation to explain step by step what
> > must be done to compile LuaJIT would be very welcome.

Gavin Wraith (
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