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This should get you started:

I was able to compile and run LuaJIT on Genesi's SmartBook/SmartTop, and other people from here were too.

I was able to compile it for iPhone/iPad too (armv6, there is some compile problem with armv7 and latest iPhone 5.00 SDK). But I did not have time to play much with it.

On 6/23/2011 11:55 AM, Gavin Wraith wrote:
In the ARM port section of Roadmap2011 it said

Other operating systems will be supported through an enhanced
porting layer which abstracts away OS-specific functionality.
.... The goal is to allow easier embedding of LuaJIT in custom
OS environments.

I guess this is fairly low priority, but it is something I am looking
forward to. Remember that us poor country cousins do not have all the
make tools (or dynamic linking) that others enjoy with Linux et al.
Some kind of hand-holding documentation to explain step by step what
must be done to compile LuaJIT would be very welcome.