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I'm going to recommend looking at LuaCocoa because I put a lot of
effort into following Mac guidelines/conventions.
(Grab from the current Mercurial repo because my last binary distro
was released before Xcode 4 and I've since committed Xcode 4 changes.)

I don't have time to detail the whole process, but in short,
- Build a .framework with a correct -install_name so it can be bundled
in a .app or plugin or framework. I use the more modern @rpath anchor
when I build LuaCocoa as opposed to the classic @executable_path
- In your app, link to the framework and if using @rpath, remember to
set the runtime search paths to point to where you want to place them
in your .app bundle. (Use @loader_path)
- Make sure to copy the framework inside your .app bundle as part of
the build phase.

Look at the Build Settings for LuaCocoa.framework (which I build Lua
into) and the test program as examples of how to set this
up in my Xcode project.

I have additional documentation from over the years in SDL and
OpenSceneGraph screencasts that also talk about using Mac OS X
frameworks and .app bundles which you may be able to find.

Beginning iPhone Games Development