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On 13/06/2011 12.16, Dušan Majkić wrote:
This is the second beta release of winapi:  basic Windows bindings for Lua.
By default it is CP_ACP, but you can set it explicitly to UTF-8.

I think that all code pages should be killed in favor of utf-8.
After all, it is the proven Unicode survivor of the Internet.

Oh yes! That would be really a dream, I agree. But, alas, there are legacy systems and legacy software. I still work mainly on WinXP machines (and also on old Win98 PCs sometimes), and there are codepage issues even between the console and GUI apps: when I try to run shell commands inside scite the localized (Italian) messages still produce some garbage characters instead of the intended chars (those with code >127).

Moreover, but this is not related to winapi, I doubt embedded system could afford supporting Unicode anytime soon. I'm not an expert, but I suspect the memory footprint of Unicode tables & C. probably could be a showstopper there.