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> This is the second beta release of winapi:  basic Windows bindings for Lua.
> ..
> By default it is CP_ACP, but you can set it explicitly to UTF-8.

I think that all code pages should be killed in favor of utf-8.
After all, it is the proven Unicode survivor of the Internet.

I live in and do work for users in country where Latin and Cyrillic
encodings are equally used. You could say that I fight the encodings
war for long time.

I think that recoding libraries should be included only if one insist on
mangling with various code pages. If you set your mind that source
is utf-8 and that strings are utf-8, everything becomes much simpler,
smaller and faster. And that is in line with the Lua way of everything,

On the side note, it would be nice to have lfs compatible directory
operations but with support for unicode path names and common
directories. That would be a great teaser for this lib on Windows

Nice piece of work. Thanks.