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2011/6/13 Dušan Majkić <>:
> If you set your mind that source
> is utf-8 and that strings are utf-8, everything becomes much simpler,
> smaller and faster. And that is in line with the Lua way of everything,

It would be better, yes. The nasty problem is that etc do not
behave properly with UTF-8. This isn't Lua's fault of course: it is
trusting that the underlying C runtime is done properly. So the
current compromise allows the regular code page to be kept for doing
regular file operations.

One solution is if Lua provided a way to make file objects; if there
was (for instance) a liolib_newfile exported by Lua then I could open
the handle using the wide char functions and make a proper Lua file
object from it.

> On the side note, it would be nice to have lfs compatible directory
> operations but with support for unicode path names and common
> directories.

I am tempted ;)  But then perhaps this is something that lfs itself
must do at some point?

steve d.