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Hi all,

This is the second beta release of winapi:  basic Windows bindings for Lua.

The major change is that (mostly) the library works with widechar
unicode internally, and allows you to specify the encoding up front.
By default it is CP_ACP, but you can set it explicitly to UTF-8.
Running this in SciTE puts a little bit of Greek in the caption:

    local W = require 'winapi'
    win = W.foreground_window()
    win:set_text 'ελληνική'

There is a 'get_disk_network_name' function for finding out the UNC
name mapped to a particular drive.

As suggested, P:get_process_name(true) will give the full path of a
process; the default is just to give the exe name.

show_message is now generalized like so:

winapi.show_message("Message","stuff\nand nonsense","yes-no","warning")

Another change is that there is an explicit Thread object returned
from functions like winapi.timer, which supports suspend, resume and
kill methods.

Precompiled binary for Lua for Windows is at [1]; source zipball is at
[2]. Docs are at [3] and [4].

(Still only 25K !)

steve d.