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On 12/05/2011 9.32, CrazyButcher wrote:
There is a nice preprocessor (although not fully c compliant) inside so one could run strings trhough that
prior handing to ffi.cdef

as was stated before, I think if someone really wants to, you could
write a wrapper around cinvoke that mimics the ffi api or is there
something fundamentally missing (except the performance issue, which
you said wasn't as critical)?
"create what you will" ;)

Indeed this is what I currently do. Very specific functional wrappers around cinvoke calls for C functions I need in my projects.

I have no time to program a more general solution and why reinventing the wheel if there's something much better around? :-)

That's why I dreamt of having such a nice things as Mike's FFI as a standalone module.


-- Lorenzo