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On 05/11/2011 06:28 AM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
Hi all, and Mike in particular!

I'm wondering if there are any chances that LuaJIT FFI will ever become
also a standalone module for stock Lua.

IIRC this question has been hinted vaguely in some way already, and Mike
answered something on the lines that right now it is too tightly
integrated into LuaJIT codebase (am I right?).

I know there are other FFI packages (alien and cinvoke - I use this
latter usually), but what makes LuaJIT FFI so great is the ability to
specify C code directly (if I'm not mistaken - since I don't use LuaJIT
I only skim over LuaJIT threads).

On a related note, I'm really curious whether in LuaJIT is hidden a full
C compiler. Would/could this be a better alternative to TinyCC for
dynamically compiling C code in the future? Is this already planned or
at least foreseen?

Thank you in advance for any information.

Yes, I have this dream often. I doubt my applications would benefit from LuaJIT's performance, but the simplicity of the FFI makes it very attractive.