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On 12/05/2011 6.10, Miles Bader wrote:
dcharno<>  writes:
Yes, I have this dream often.  I doubt my applications would benefit
from LuaJIT's performance, but the simplicity of the FFI makes it very

... and it would mean that one could rely on FFI as a "general solution"
for portable code.  LuaJIT is very nice, but it only works on a subset
of architectures, and knowing one can always fall back to standard Lua
is very comforting.

Simplicity, readability (as far as C is readable - but it is a stable standard nevertheless) and portability! Not to mention that if Mike implements the C preprocessor in the FFI parser, you could have "conditional compilation".

So you could make Lua scripts that can be designed to adapt themselves to different platforms and still being able to access system API facilities. So you could have the best of two worlds. Maybe not the most readable code, but as the old say goes:

"make simple things simple and difficult ones possible"

Really a dream! :-)


P.S.: really nice signature! :-D