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On 09/05/2011 18.03, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
There is not even a clearly specified numbering convention for PUC Lua versions

Sure there is. The numbering is x.y.z, where x.y is the version and z is
the release. Different releases for the same version are binary compatible
(ABI). In particular, they have the same VM. Different versions are
really different. The API is likely to be a little different (but with
compatibility switches), but there is no ABI compatibility and applications
must be recompiled. The VM is also very likely to be different in a new
version. Also, different releases for the same version correspond stricily
to bug fixes; there are no new features. Note how the manual is for the
version, not for the release.

I knew that in general but thank you for the details.

Probably I wasn't too clear, but I meant that what you just said is not stated in the manual or in any readily available "specification" (a page in Lua site, a technical note or such) stating that clearly.

You have to search the archives or the WIKI, here and there, to find out. Or am I mistaken?

For example on the versions page ( there is no hint to the release number (maybe what you just said could be inserted in a note in that page under a "version numbering scheme" section).