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On 5/9/11 6:50 AM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
To sum up: I think that the best strategy when talking about Lua in a neutral way is to introduce the audience to the nature of Lua and its ecosystem beforehand.

Hi Lorenzo,

writing docs, I like to provide for the reality that people don't read top down without skipping ahead! Or get familiar with the parts of the ecosystem that would have provided the background.

Doing benchmarks, specifically, I'd appreciate if there was a short, clearly defined label to distinguish the original Lua VM from the LuaJIT VM. At best, something that does tell people, hey, there's something I don't know how to interpret, if they should run into it and not understand it. 'Original Lua VM' does not really fit the bill, for a couple of reasons.

It's but a practical question. Of course it will solve itself over time, something will stick.

Lua 5.1.4 vs LuaJIT 2 works well, except that LuaJIT 2 will give as its version Lua 5.1, rightly so. This will become important once the core community shifts to 5.2 and the rift between the original and JIT world will be more pronounced. So while those tags are correct, to me, they don't seem to be quite clear enough.