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On 30 March 2011 09:33, Axel Kittenberger <> wrote:
>> What technical solution? I think encouraging people to curate their
>> pages is rather a social solution to what you correctly identify as a
>> social problem.
> In that case, I agree and misunderstood the first post. Technical
> "solution": linking the source to a verison control system doesn't
> make any difference. You need to care for it, here or there.

I think I wasn't clear, so I will expand on what I was trying to say there.

In the wiki at present there is a lot of code in Wiki pages. I am
suggesting that complete "ready-to-use" code could more usefully be
linked to. Where this is part of a project (for example, the getopt
module of stdlib, an old version of which used to be given in the
wiki), then you can link directly to a view of the code (as I have
done), thereby making it just one click harder to view than in the
Wiki, but much less work to keep up to date (because the link will
always be to the latest version in the version control system).

Authors will on the whole make fixes to code which they release, but
it's a waste of time for them also to have to update a version on the
wiki manually.