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well it just has to be catered for.
I dont see how this or another technical solution helps on a social problem.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 7:32 PM, Reuben Thomas <> wrote:
> I've just spent a while cleaning up a few Lua-users wiki pages. In
> particular, I removed some obsolete code.
> I suggest that the Wiki is not a good place to keep code intended to
> be used (i.e. anything other than illustrative/didactic snippets): it
> rots. Instead, link to it. You can link directly (as I do), e.g. into
> version control system pretty-printed viewing pages.
> John Belmonte remarks on the wiki that one of the great things about
> Wikis is that they forget. This is true, but unfortunately it requires
> work.
> The Lua-users wiki is a great resource (and much more impressive than
> the last time I spent a while browsing around, a few years ago), but
> like any such manually-edited resource it's in danger of turning into
> a graveyard if it's not maintained. There's a lot of great up-to-date
> content there, but as the site grows, so does the maintenance burden.
> So, if you do have code there, consider turning it into links or
> removing it, and if you have out-of-date material, ditto.
> --