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On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 2:12 AM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
Hi, list!

I want to create a rockspec for bindings for an uncommon library
(namely — hiredis: My primary
target is Ubuntu (and compatible OSes). I will not able to support OS
X or Windows deployment for my rockspec.

The library in question is absent in Ubuntu repository, and, thus, is
likely to be missing on user machines.

I can bundle hiredis source code with the rockspec.

However, I do not want to link hiredis statically to my C module —
this does not seem neat enough. And, as far as I remember, Luarocks
would not let me to build a separate

What options do I have?
For LuaRocks you should build a static module. It was not designed to handle dependencies on libraries, certainly not in cross platform manner. However this is exactly what LuaDist[1] does well (it builds everything from source). Still, it is not as simple as LuaRocks as it has rather different goals. I suggest you look at the luaexpat[2] and libexpat[3] modules or add an issue to our tracker if you would like your module included. If you do decide to try it out its best to start on the wiki[4], it also contains documentation on how make builds for modules using macros that are similar to the rockspec format.


PS: LuaDist and LuaRocks projects recently agreed on future collaboration.