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On 3/21/11 6:39 PM, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
My disdain
This has no place here. Not even if you think it's evil.

So It's too complicated and that makes it deserving of all kinds of insulting labels in your mind, and you want to shoot somebody, presumably me, fire anybody just getting close to it, and in case that was offensive (it was), you apologize but have to re-iterate your contempt. Tortured soul.

After all the posts you wrote about it, I assume we can finally see some code, substantiating your claims? Like,
how are your experiments going that according to you are not going to be trying it out but some special form of running Fleece that is not going to count as trying it out? Man enough to admit to the results? Ready for the admission that your theories were just that? I will, in case you can prove your point. 

But I appreciate that you want to withhold further expressions of your righteous disdain until you have something to show.

Maybe Galileo or Jean D'Arc were a better name. The ancient Greeks were just too cultured for this kind of heresy concept you fashion.