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* HyperHacker <> [110315 13:25]:
> On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 14:41, Michael Gogins <> wrote:
> Recently there was some discussion about mod_lua on the Apache
> developers mailing list. I mentioned there that I feel Lua could
> replace PHP as the number one web scripting language if mod_lua were
> stable (i.e. not still in beta) and it were implemented well (not
> making some of PHP's mistakes such as putting everything in the global
> scope with no consistent naming or parameter schemes). I've wanted to
> use Lua for all the things I currently use PHP for ever since I
> discovered it.
 Don't you think PHP extract() is a wonderful idea for function? 
 Why *not* just populate the global symbol table?
 Just kidding....

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 Love that signature... 

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