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* Michael Gogins <> [110315 12:54]:
> I think the most useful languages for a Web developer are PHP, Java,
> .NET., and Python, not sure about the order.

 I am not impressed with PHP as a language - but to it's credit
 there are a rich set of resources based on PHP. Python is both well
 within my comfort level and has a rich set of resources. 

> I think LuaJIT+FFI is a tremendously exciting language and offers many
> things that would be very valuable for a Web stack, i.e. developing
> Web servers, page templating, etc., especially because with LuaJIT+FFI
> the code might well run more or less as fast as C code.
  I guess what I had in mind when I started this thread is: what can
  lua do for me as a web programmer that python can't. Perhaps the
  answer is some sort of embedded solution?

> But there are not yet the huge libraries of tested code that Web
> developers can use with these other langauges.
> I have myself developed Web sites with pure C++, Java, C#, PHP, and
> Python. The easiest way to go was definitely Python. If the libraries
> existed, Lua would be not quite as easy to use as Python, but probably
> quite a bit more efficient; 

  After starting with C and C++ for web development in the 90's, I
  used rebol for years and built many simple websites with it. It is
  more efficient than python by far - but doesn't have the user base
  or resources (libraries etc..) at least lua appears to have more
  robust user base than rebol.

> I think it would become my first choice...
> if the libraries existed.
 I have to do some research on LuaJIT+FFI.  
 Thanks to you and also to the other responders so far.
tim at or