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On 03/15/2011 03:30 PM, Tim Johnson wrote:
I've been a programmer for 24 years. I have a background (way back)
in C and Assembler and about a dozen other languages. These days I
do primarily web development using python. There might be a market
for me for mobile devices.

I would welcome sincere comments on whether lua might be useful for
me. I don't mean to troll for an argument or a language war, but
just to see if there might be practical application for me to learn


Hi Tim

I'm not even a programmer let alone a web programmer but since I heard that professional electricians electrocute themselves more often then amateurs I'll fire away anyhow...

Deployment is certainly not as straightforward as PHP. There is pepperfish:

and sputnik apparently does not need root access for install but for various reasons these just did not suit me. I am now working on another approach that might be handy if you don't need an interactive site. I am very slowly building a database driven site on my computer. I plan on using wget -R to scrape my own site from localhost and then to upload everything as static content. This ought to provide lots of deployment options, ought to be fast and ought to be secure. The database portion should help me to organize lots of data in a logical manner.