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I don't really understand the criticism against CMake. I use it in a pretty complex infrastructure with many different compilation steps to build all the bindings and code for Lubyk including graphics, midi, networking, cocoa stuff, Qt stuff, etc. Some parts require special includes, defines, frameworks, you name it.

The only hard part in this system is to setup some conventions and write a couple of macros but then you simply organize your folders and things just work. You need to run cmake once to create the makefiles but then you just need to type "make foo" to build the "foo" submodule and cmake has already managed all the required dependency rebuild from modified files. It cannot be faster then that...


On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Patrick Rapin <> wrote:
After having tested various cross-platform build systems (at least
SCons, bakefile, NetBeans ), I now have adopted QMake (from Qt) for my
major projects.
Despite its origin, QMake does not require Qt from being used in the
project nor even installed. It is clearly targeted toward C++ and C;
other languages would require customization.
I do not pretend that this is the best build tool for C++, but it has
interesting features:
- It can compile directly using makefiles, or generate Visual Studio
and XCode projects that are built hereafter.
- The syntax is quite easy for easy builds, while complex tasks can
also be performed with a more complex syntax.
- It supports a great number of platforms
- The cross-platform open-source IDE "Qt Creator" handles QMake
projects natively.